Property Rentals / Management

A guide to renting!

Preparation - As with everything good preparation is the key to success. Decide on your financial objectives. There are some important questions you need to ask yourself before you go ahead with letting your property.

What are your financial objectives? Do you want to maximize the income from your property or just cover the costs? How often do you want to be there yourself? Do you want to be there on certain dates, or can you be flexible and only go on weeks when there are no bookings. Do you want to be there in the peak, summer times? What type of person do you want to stay in your home? Are you happy to have children, (and is your home suitable!)
Would you be happy for a group of men on a golf holiday to stay? You may have to make some compromises, but you should be clear in advance where you stand on these issues, as many other decisions flow from them.
Furnishing & Equipping Your Home - Furnish your home bearing in mind that it will be rented out. Use good quality, robust furniture and equipment that can be easily cleaned and will not be high maintenance. The rental rates you can charge will reflect the standard of your furnishing and equipment. ACCEPT that things may get broken, as they do in your own home, so don't put in items that you will fret over if they do get broken.
Kitchens - These must be fully equipped. A dishwasher although not essential is always a great marketing tool, as no one wants to wash up on holiday. A microwave and washing machine are a necessity. Cutlery, china and kitchen utensils are not expensive so don't stint on them - allow for at least double the maximum number that will stay.
Make sure that pots, pans, coffee pots and tea pots are big enough. Work-tops should be easy to keep clean.

Bedrooms - Beds and sofa beds must be good quality and comfortable, there should be bedside tables and lamps. at least one hair dryer and ample hanging and storage space, with good quality clothes hangers.

Linens - Make sure you have at least two sets of linen for every bed, to allow for some day change-overs. Also, have a good supply of bathroom towels, all sizes and kitchen cloths as well.

Furniture & Flooring - This should be hard wearing, low maintenance, not easily damaged and easy to clean. Rugs are a good idea on tiled floors especially during the winter months as is washable throws for the soft furnishings.

Other Equipment - A TV with English television is essential especially over the winter months. You need to have a balance between having enough little personal things like books, vases andornaments to make the place more welcoming rather than like a hotel room, but do not clutter it especially with rejects from your own home. Try and create an atmosphere appropriate to the location of the holiday home.

Setting up Property Management Arrangements - The cleaning and maintenance of the property and dealing with the guests on the spot are vital. You must make sure you have everything arranged in advance for this key aspect of successfully letting your property. If an agency is taking your booking, or you advertise yourself, you still need a local company to do the cleaning, maintenance and welcoming and be the emergency contact.
Make sure they speak English, as your guests may not understand the local language. it is best to ask locally for recommendations for a reliable company. Make it clear what you want, backed up with a contract, emphasizing the service they provide and to what standard. it Is probably worth paying a bit over the market rates to make sure you get the best service as this is such a key factor in the success of your holiday rental.

Property Management
We offer a comprehensive Property Management & Rental service to property owners who need a local agent to rent out their properties. We also provide installation of security grills, alarms, delivery of furniture. Window locks fitted, lock changes for doors and gates, Your Property is also checked once a week and aired, toilets cleaned, during periods of non use.

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We also offer Gardening services, pool cleaning, Airport services, installation of digital satellite systems and painting, carpentry, electrician, plumber. These services are priced on an individual basis.

Service Fee
Property Management €250 per annum
Cleaning €30 per clean
Shutters and Grills €15
Linen and Towel changes €5 per person

If you have any queries regarding our property management services please do not hesitate to contact us!